Adult Program

 The goal of the adult program is to learn new techniques, which will develop both coordination, as well as flexibility out  adult program offers Judoka an opportunity to challenge themselves. 

 Focusing on fitness and developing new skills, as well as learning how to protect one self is at the core of this program. 

 We have adult members of all age, and skill levels, everyone is on the mats to learn and improve themselves to their own  goals.

Classes typically included:

Basic Skills (falling, rolls, etc...)
Practice of formal techniques (Kata)
Controlled free practice with a partner

It's never too late to start learning something new!

Class Schedule

Adult Program
All members require a  Passport with Judo Quebec. Costs for this are separate and vary according to year of birth.


 For adult members who wish to challenge themselves further Dojo Perrot Shima encourages all members to participate in  the many local and regional competitions which are held throughout the season. 

 Competition allows for Judoka to test the skills that they are developing and themselves in a safe and rewarding way.