Rules of the Dojo

  1. Salute the Dojo, with Ritsu‑rei when you enter and when you leave.

  2. Call senior members and instructors by their proper names with a title of Mister. All Yudansha should be addressed properly. If the proper name is not known to you, call him "Sensei".

  3. Keep your person and clothes neat and tidy. Wear sandals to keep the mat (tatami) clean. Help us keep your Dojo clean and orderly.

  4. Keep your finger and toe nails trimmed, and remove all metallic objects from your body before practicing.

  5. Refrain from using foul language in the Dojo.

  6. Do not smoke in the practice area.

  7. Fees are payable by the first practice of every month.

  8. Be early so that you have time to change and in order to allow us to take attendance and start the practice on time.

  9. You must have permission from the Sensei before you leave the mat, or before you come onto it if you are late.

  10. Please do not bring any food in the Dojo.