Junior Youth Program

Our youth program begins with introducing youth to Judo as both a martial art and a sport. 

Focusing initially on development of basic Judo skills and safe practice our junior classes are intended to be fun, engaging, but still challenging for our young Judoka!

Learning about fitness, how to protect yourself when falling, and the history and techniques of Judo are the primary focus.

Our instructors are there to help guide at everystep of the way

Classes typically included:

Basic Skills (falling, rolls, etc...)
Practice of formal techniques
Randori: Controlled free practice with a partner

Parents and Kids

Judo is a fantastic way to keep in shape and learn new skills while having fun, at Dojo Perrot Shima we also see it as a way for parents and kids to develop together. We encourage all of the parents of our youth members to join the group and come out on the mats to learn and grow along side of their children.

Advanced Youth Program

As young Judoka develop the skills they need to practise safely and at a more challenging level they will be invited to join our advanced youth program. 

The focus of the advanced program is similar to the junior program, but with a hightened focus on free practise with more advanced practioners. This will allow young Judoka to continue to challenge themselves, and prepare for more competitive practise

Class Schedule

Junior Youth Program
Advance Youth Program
All members require a  Passport with Judo Quebec. Costs for this are separate and vary according to year of birth.


Judo is a competitive sport, and Dojo Perrot Shima is a competitive club.

Though not mandatory, we strongly encourage our athletes to participate in the many local and regional competitions which are held throughout the season. 

Competition allows for Judoka to test the skills that they are developing and themselves in a safe and rewarding way. 

Our heavy focus during training on fitness, sparing, and technique has yielded great results for our athletes, as we have produced many regional, provincial, and national champions

Typically Dojo Perrot Shima is represented at both the Provincial, and National tournaments every year.